About the artist

The monument was conceived and produced on behalf of the Jewish Monument Foundation by the Hague/Israeli artist Anat Ratzabi, who has used existing and new symbolism to create a place at the heart of The Hague city centre for reflection and contemplation. Part of the monument is the Amalek Plaquette, which used to be attached to the wall on the Gedempte Gracht.

”Lest They Be Forgotten”
Short documentary – From Concept to Realization.

Anat Ratzabi, designer and maker of the monument:

”I believe that through art in the public space it is possible to be advocating for alternative perspectives that can challenge beliefs, assumptions, and community values. Using symbolic elements incorporated in the design of the memorial, support succession in creating an intersection between past, present and future.

The memorial captures and documents the spirit and atmosphere of past events and is meant to generate curiosity & attention, as well to evoke compassion and tolerance. And by doing so, to impress upon the present and future generation the eternal impact we can have on each other’s lives.”

Anat Ratzabi

More on www.anatratzabi.com

Monuments walking route

You can follow a special walking route to get an impression of the Jewish Heritage in The Hague. Click here for the walking route.

About the artist

More information about the artist Anat Ratzabi: about the artist


This monument has also been made possible thanks to these generous donors.

Jewish Heritage

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For information about ceremonies at the monument, we refer you to the website of the Vereniging Ceremonies Joods Monument Den Haag.